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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”


    Dr. Deininger,

    Thank your for your MythBlast. I enjoyed it. Here is some riffing on the themes I encountered. I hope it’s not to nebulous and convoluted. Just having fun ! With archaic mythic content.


    Abstracted creation of phenomena is all that is real eternal True ideal …

    for all that is fallen from the ideal is subject to decay and death …

    The art of the fallen apotheosis

    is a two way road

    The receptive consciousness

    The concretized imagination


    Stones pebbles seined fallen from the mind

    Like sand through the hour glass

    Spoken written swimming seed


    Creating the womb the tomb of the ego’s truth

    Upon the halls of eternity the columns of time

    Where the precision of a plasma flux from within

    Ignites a new star in the universe a new axis of accreted Light

    A bridge through the phenomenal darkness

    Inception of the bright morning star

    Conceived with many possible interpretation

    That pop in and out of existence

    Condensate condensed from eternity

    In the mind of humanity

    To enhance our World view

    Then vaporize Blast like mana o’er the plain

    The Source The Field of all we know …

    Within the grey clay  maeter Stuff …

    That first dimensional synaptic conception

    That radiates through the core of all dimension


    The Ray that melts the waxed wing of Dedalus

    Is the ray of ascension from the core

    the diaphanous lemniscate on the Strand of Sandymount …

    A stratified pyramidal volcanic mount of photons

    Granular pinnacled light within a tesseract

    Crushed on the shore of the infinite … between the many and the One …




    Tis a value to perceive

    Oh what a web we weave

    When first we practice

    To conceive

    Of love in mind

    Of love in deed …