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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”


    Craig; I wish I could find the words to describe how much I was moved by your thoughtful and penetrating insights in this reply. I just want to read them over and over again and let them sink in and savior them. Your sensitive and intuitive understanding; much less your articulation just speaks volumes to what I was attempting to describe. In dark times such as these with Covid and misinformation everywhere once in a while a light shines in the dark; and like Jung’s Telesphorus points the way. You may have seen this but if not I hope it compliments what you so beautifully rendered.  (Yes; perhaps I’m plagiarizing a bit here; but I’m also stealing from the best and trying to make it my own.) Seriously; such a wonderful reply and so deeply appreciated. Thank you.