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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”


Your response so encourages me, Jamesn, thank you. If it was intuitive, it was because I was in fatigue and I suppose, just as Marie Louise von Franz says, the inuitive must dim the sensations or precision or alacrity to let what’s unseen come through (I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s the general theme of it). Sometimes encouragement is like that, and as you aptly point out, in these days of misinformation and covid and a long list of other things: Telesphorus a star out of the dark places. I watched the video you included the link to, and no, I had not seen it. So glad you posted that. I am very fond of Jung’s stone at Bollingen and have gazed on it (in pictures) cumulatively for hours. I am somewhat of an astrologer in the Jyotish (Vedic) version and so all the planetary symbols, especially the Mercurius-Hermes Telsesphorus figure in the center, as messenger of the gods, liaison, intermediary, and guide, really moves me for some reason. Perhaps because he is at the center–of the mandala really, which as Jung said is really “man” replacing what once was the empty center “God.” And in a way, this may speak to the individuation and claiming of autonomy you inspired me to express on in your first post. I think Jung’s “Answer to Job” says much to this idea. But I think in all this, that it is important to emphasize that with all the “claiming” business going on, that it is not “inflated-claiming.” No, I think it is a much deeper, more sincere, subtle kind. My goodness, such nourishing content all of it. I wish I could stay in and continue tonight, but my workload is so heavy this week. And am fighting sleep as I write, but really wanted to respond. I really look forward to picking back up tomorrow night after the workday is done and sets in the west as Telesphorus directs or shows. Will think though on all that as I pass into the land of dreams.