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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”



Yes, I could feel the stream of consciousness at work. Just wanted to say regarding my editing, is that I have trained my own ear when it comes to writing, to attend to those moments where the poetry feels most, hmm, poetic, whether in the feels of the sounds of the language, meter, rhythm, etc. and of course come through. It’s an entirely biased process. But I try to steer clear of ‘editing’ per se, when I point these areas out in others’ work. It’s more feedback from “an” ear of what seemed (and in keeping with our numinous theme) most numinous. And when I do that, I risk selecting content that the author may feel the same towards. But regardless of whose ear it resonates with, each line or stanza I highlight, I like to approach as a new numinous kernel, like a symbol, that points in a new direction that may be explored. Or around which an entire new poem may be built, or the poem itself built out more. So, didn’t want my reworking of your poem to come across as definitive, rather as a series of windows into new terrains, all.