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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”


    Craig; thank you for refining this last part for indeed in each of our journeys it is the: “riding of the leopard without being torn to pieces”; on which our trajectory puts us that makes this: “at least I tried damn it” so critically important. This thing Joseph Campbell called: “One’s Bliss”; that push out of our own existence that Joseph informs us takes us out on the razor’s edge path into the dark unknown forest by ourselves where we have no idea of where we are going except we know we have to go. That dark night of the soul’s journey filled with self-doubt and constant struggle which contains moments of deep despair and yet in the distance there is a “numinous” glow; that “Telesphorus Lantern” that leads us on telling our heart and soul this where I have to go because this is who and what I am. The answers I am seeking are there because the experiences I am having tell me so in a language that only I can understand.

    Thank you for this incredibly illuminating set of posts that have been so exhilarating to partake with you. (I have left a private message in the top left side panel of this forum where you click on the bottom right corner to open which I hope is self-explanatory on how much I have enjoyed it.)

    I will leave a separate link here that may better explain my thoughts on why I think these things we’ve been talking about are so extremely important in today’s Covid moment in time.