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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”


I must first admit that I am maybe a little out of my league here. Everyone’s insights are so beautiful. But I am moved by this discussion and would like to share the few thoughts I have had.

I am new to Campbell, although, his teachings feel familiar in a way that is not simply a recollection but rather what has been there all along. Truths that live readily available if only they could be spoken aloud. And Mr. Campbell seems to do just that.

With that said, I am reminded of a lesson by Caroline Myss gave where she explained the difference between thinking about God and experiencing God. That when the stuff that animates all things, animates within us, we break through some sort of barrier. I wonder of this obstruction perhaps is our own sense of individualness, a separation from all that is, that instead dissolves into all that is. Even if for but a brief moment. One time, my mother and I were at a Joann Fabrics perusing the aisles. Seemingly at the same time, we both saw this spool of dark blue ribbon with tiny strands of gold weaved into it. It took our breath away, we were completely taken by this beautiful, mysterious, sensual color. An experience I think we are always trying to get back to with one another. A place where we were of the same. Was it not the numinosity evoked by that simple object that connected us beyond ourselves?

I am not sure this is on track, but I’m sending my thoughts forward anyway.

With love and honor,

Whitney (vitalumen)