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Reply To: The Way of Art and Two-Way Roads” with Mythologist Craig Deininger”



Carolyn Myss is right on with her distinction between “thinking about” and actual experience of the transcendent – and I love your personal example (a mystical experience in a fabric store!).

But what really speaks to my experience is your observation that

his teachings feel familiar in a way that is not simply a recollection but rather what has been there all along. Truths that live readily available if only they could be spoken aloud. And Mr. Campbell seems to do just that.”

When I first read Joseph Campbell, and even more when I viewed the Power of Myth, it was an “aha!” moment for me – not because he was speaking “new truth” or was telling us “This is the way – walk ye therefore in it,” but because he was articulating things I had felt and known for a few years, but had never quite been able to put into words until Joe came along.

I believe he helped so many of us find our own voice – which seems clear from your comment (you are not “out of your league” at all).

Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion (and please feel free to jump into any other threads in these forums that draw your interest, even those that may seem to have faded out – all it take is one new comment or observation to breathe new life into a conversation)