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Reply To: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space is Within Reach,” with Dennis Slattery, Ph.D”


Dear Dr. Slattery,

Not to take too much of your time, but I wanted to follow your response with of course, Joe Campbell on imagined god(s).

“And that’s what Jung is saying in his Answer to Job : it is actually the work of man that is projected in the image of an imagined being called God. And so, historically, the God image is really a mirror image of the condition of man at a given time.” Campbell, Joseph. A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell Book 2) .

The current state of man is the Wall Street Economy.  Even after the crisis of 2008, the riches of the billionaire class are unimaginably high. The god of wealth is running the show. Presently, the future of our planet is controlled by a few multi-nationals. These are powerful entities in terms of influence. Therefore, if these entities imagined and implemented a more ethical eco-conscious role for the planet, we’d save our planet and save the image of our future god.  And to the mystics and shamans, and the sufis of the world, would it be fair to  say that it’s awesome to dance and trance, but bring back those imagined images to heal the planet, to clean and detox the earth, to not go to the forest and forget your precious planet.

Thank You