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Reply To: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space is Within Reach,” with Dennis Slattery, Ph.D”


Hi Dennis, Stephen, and All,

In response to # 5153, I would love to go to NM for the event that Dennis is hosting. The event sounds great, and I love NM and would love a return visit there.

In response to this Mythblast in general, as I read it, I just find myself symbolically nodding in agreement or in recognition of what Dennis expresses as it all rings true to me; after I read it, I find the words and meanings and interpretations have brought me to the still point in the center to draw the circle around, which he expresses at the end of the Mythblast.

There are times when words for me simply do not much do (even though I am a writer and have been so by vocation); these are the times in which I used to try my hand at visual art to express something I could not quite put words to.

Thank you for your wonderful Mythblast, Dennis. I especially enjoyed the references to Jung as well as to Campbell about the imaginal realms and characters, stories or our imaginations–comfortable and familiar, like home to me in these matters of imaginal realms. Campbell and Jung so often so wonderfully compliment each other’s ideas and content (imo).

And Stephen, I enjoyed your questions to Dennis. They helped posit a vantage point for me.

Thank you, and I will go to Dennis’s website to check out the event next year.