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Reply To: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space is Within Reach,” with Dennis Slattery, Ph.D”


Thank you for your understanding, Dennis. Ideally, the point of these MythBlast discussions is exactly that – focusing on thoughts, observations, and questions arising from your essay. We wouldn’t be able to attract many authors and “mythological luminaries” like yourself to this table if they had to worry about being assigned homework, so to speak.

But apart from that, the forum guidelines (currently posted at the top of every forum), prohibit individuals from posting their own work here, with one significant exception:

8. Refrain from Self-Promotion Announcements linking to your new blog post, book, workshop, video clip, etc., will be deleted, unless they are demonstrably part of the greater conversation. The only exception is the Share-Your-Work Corner, a subforum within The Conversation with a Thousand Faces. If you have art, poetry, writing, or links to music and other work you would like to share, do so here.

We consciously created the Share-Your-Work Corner as an exception to the rule, allowing people to share original work without disrupting the flow of existing conversations. Here one can find anything from poetry to published papers, as well as links to blogs and books and such.

Thanks again for your understanding.