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Reply To: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space is Within Reach,” with Dennis Slattery, Ph.D”


Hi Dennis,

You are welcome, and thank you too~

I like very much that you wrote, “I don’t judge what I create, I just do it in joy to the best of my talents, which are modest, but that is no matter.” I feel the same way about my own drawing or painting that I like to do when words fail me. However, I did not paint for years (but did do drawing with colored pencils); then when my granddaughter entered the world I did begin again to paint here and there with her. I want to stress here how liberating it is to hear someone else say and to think about this again myself at this time that he does not judge his paintings/drawings, how wondrous it is to have something in one’s life that feels that free! Thank you for writing about your experience with that feeling. I also so much enjoy that you brought up Hillman’s “poetic basis of mind” notion. It seems in the sense that both Campbell and Jung have spoken and written about how the dream world and the mythic world share the same language, that is, of a rather poetic language; so we can see what Hillman means then that poetic ideas, images and such are not limited to poetry per say but to all the arts, which each and all can be poetic–which to me is a beautiful thing to think about. To me it is the poetry of life that makes life numinous. Even the simplest of moments that are poetic are in that way so seemingly numinous much of the time. Thank you again.

~ Marianne