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Reply To: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space is Within Reach,” with Dennis Slattery, Ph.D”


Hey Marianne,

Thank you for your reply. Jung was one of the few thinkers of his time that even though he was a respected psychiatrist or analyst and had a good reputation in the scientific circle and wasn’t afraid to always point the limitations of rationality and the conscious mind. The problem with meaning like we talked in another conversation with Stephen is that you can answer the question on personal level what is the meaning of my life but on the objective level it gets messy. Like asking what is the purpose of my life or life in general. Difficult questions and like Dennis said can often hinder your experience of life. At the end I had to accept the limitation of my mind’s ability to understand such questions rationally and like Merlin from good old romantic myths of King Arthur would say “Do nothing, rest in the arms of the dragon.. sleep…” For me that was the transition, I went from looking at life as a problem to be solved to experiencing it as a dream. And now some people might think that this is a lazy way to think of life but in my case like I said it propelled into more actions and getting more involved and absorbing as much life experiences as I can. Not to mention I am not risking to go crazy by taking upon myself tasks that were never meant to be solved, heh.

I am afraid I haven’t read much about synchronicity, I am aware of the concept but I am yet to look at it in depth. I will read the link you gave, thanks! Great Campbell quote too, indeed.