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Reply To: The Blooming of Truth: Campbell on the Mythic Past, with Norland Tellez, Ph.D.



In my first post I said “Myth and History should never be confused”. Well never say never.

I see now much better after further explaining it to me. Your example of Lord of the Rings really helped clear some of the confusion I had in mind. It does bring an extra layer of understanding to the game. Never thought of the shire as the homeland of our national ideological identity. I am very used reading these symbols mythologically so for me the shire always meant what also other myths depict at the beginning of the story – an unconscious state of mind where the ego is beginning to emerge. Yeah, actually LotR is a good example of how history is connected with the mythological considering the experiences Tolkien had with war and how these became the inspiration for his epic story. Interesting. Am I understanding it right?

Whatever the case, I’ll definitely read more about this subject which seems very rich in information. Thanks.