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Reply To: The Blooming of Truth: Campbell on the Mythic Past, with Norland Tellez, Ph.D.


Ahh a beaked serpent! Well that certainly conjures some mythic roots!
I do agree it certainly does take individuals to be the instigators of “giving scales to the dragon” thus being a catalyst for the collective beliefs that follow.
And the intertwining between mythic and ideology also makes sense.

I can imagine an “overlap” between what already exists in the deep roots of the psyche and How “interpreters” come along to “give voice” to what already exists…or their “version of it.”

My Mother was an Astronomer and she told me that long ago when there was an eclipse, that some of the people in China used to believe a Dragon was eating the Sun or Moon.

Also remember reading a quick interpretation of myths and legends as a way for the Ancients to relate to the world around them…to understand or explain.

Must admit I do love the idea of story telling Oral traditions which carry on tales of memory and culture whether bardic or shamanic…for me can see beauty there…and connection Story Telling being alive digging deep and transcending…(not dogmatic)

But can also imagine when people have certain fearful ideas or images such as a dragon eating the moon (and it does not have to be China could be anywhere) that there are also opportunists who can find a “niche” by “having an answer” (does not matter whether they believe it or not) and the fearful or uncertain people gravitate towards these individuals who end up being a catalyst for a collective belief which is a mix of what is already buried in the psyche and what is interpreted by those now considered gurus…something which I would guess is passed down generationally…

Until a few individuals balk or see a new path another way incurring the scorn of the inherited collective mix and the opportunists who are now revered. Especially the scorn of the latter.
But it comes full circle through the individuals who broke away so each is once again in touch with the deeper roots the earth from the moon and the true and original sense of Universal connection with every one and All and collected unconscious (un-manipulated)

For disclaimer I have lovely Spiritual friends and know people from Catholic priests to Buddhists who are wonderful lovely open hearted people who would never fit the definition of opportunists. And I have friends who are very spiritual…so I choose care and kindness.


After all, there is too much wonderful mystery in the Universe and on this planet to not be inspired!!!