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Reply To: Journeys in Silence, with Mythologist John Bucher, Ph.D.

John Bucher

    Thank you for your kind words, Shaahayda. I deeply resonate with your consideration of the many forms of silence. I, too, have many regrettable moments where I remained quiet and should have spoken and others when I wish I had not opened my mouth. Silence is an art form — one that requires practice, trial & error, and time with the craft in order to master. Just when I think I’ve found balance with silence and speaking in my life, I come to recognize my novice state.

    Your offering on Campbell and social media also resonates and feels aligned with his actions and beliefs in other arenas.

    Also, I am so thankful you’ve invited John Cage into this conversation. As you mention, he was a good friend of the Campbells and had so much to offer us on silence.

    Your thoughts here have caused me to think about the benefits and consequences of silence on social media in a slightly different way. As you mentioned, there are times when when I wish I had spoken up, but did not, fearing the devolving conversation that so easily can plague a conversation on social media. I am also reminded of the (perhaps apocryphal) sentiment sometimes attributed to MLK — that the words of our enemies would likely not be long remembered but the silence of our friends would. Oh, to find that balance.