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Reply To: Incarcerated, But Not Imprisoned,” with Mythologist Dennis Slattery, Ph.D.”


So many thanks for your kind and appreciative words for this suggestion, Dennis.  “Sandy and I were both so affected by this primal plot of identity, cultural taboos, prejudices, hurts, absence of courage, as when no one comes to his defense over his using the word “spook” to mean invisibles in class and who lament, as the one black professor did at Coleman’s funeral. And is this where we are today with the fictions perpetrated in our country and will years from now people step forward and say they should have spoken up?” 

What a thought provoking question, “will people step forward and say they should have spoken up? ”  Difficult to say, because both on the societal level and the personal level, our views are shaped by a multitude of  factors. It’s more and more about how to be in fields where much is earned rather than in fields that let us explore cultural and societal issues, and that let us focus on our  need to work in the formation of a better gentler society.

On a more important note: I loved your conference-interactive-presentation on “The Mythology of Belief”.  So much to say on the topic but in the  interest of brevity, I’ll ask just two, later.


Shaheda (very grateful for today’s presentation)