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Reply To: Lions, and Tigers, Athena, oh my!” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


The ego misperceives Eternity, Necessary Being, Absolute Truth as petrification, paralysis, the negation of all possibilities.

In reality, however, Eternity, Necessary Being, Absolute Truth is the realization of all possibilities, and the realization of this realization, and the realizatio0n of the realization of this realization — ad infinitum.

Whoever breaks into the Temenos on the basis of violence, like the Titans, or foolishly blunders into it, like the devotees of Dionysus, is immediately turned to stone — whereas anyone who realizes It beyond the veils of chaotic distraction and unyielding self-will has, like the Buddha, found the Adamantine Point, “the still point of the turning world.”