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Reply To: Lions, and Tigers, Athena, oh my!” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Hi Shaheda,

I’m going to stick to the metaphor as literally (!) as I can… I’d say you can’t get to Athena without getting around Medusa first, that’s why she’s on the front of the shield.  Once you’ve done it, I think you might be in good shape for the future — like getting around any threshold guardian maybe?  Once you see them for what they are, they lose their fearsome aspect.

I like the phrase “simply to philosophize”.  Seems to me, if you’re actually engaged in “philosophy” then that’s the one specific time you *don’t* need to worry about being turned to stone. :^)  That kind of philosophizing requires maintaining a recognition that you don’t know everything you think you know and… finally, a state of wondering or wonder.  Those alone usually prevent getting fossilized. :^)