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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”



I loved your essay! Once one is introduced to Joseph Campbell and his perspective on myth…those reflections and images become rooted in the psyche and imagination…and one begins to see the stories everywhere.
Not just in the past but in the present (the Now) as you do with Ted Lasso!
A wonderful comparison which brings life to the old tale anew!
As far as going over word counts, heh heh…here on these boards, it is lovely to discover I’m not  alone in musing a long on roads of words! It’s because of inspiration!
And I’m here because I enjoy the musing of others!
But I’m not going to take off in my usual tangents on this subject, because what you wrote sums up these Grail myths in a beautiful way!
In fact your introduction to Campbell sounds very familiar!! For me it was also from my Mom (artist/astronomer) and from one of our friends, Clarice Bowman, the first female Methodist Minister in NC. Clarice introduced Campbell to my Mom first!
At 10 I was too young to fully appreciate the Power of Myth…but like you, as a child of the 80s…Fred Rogers, Bob Ross…(happy accidents! Speaking of Holy Fool moments!) inspired alongside others. And who doesn’t love Kermit?! Speaking of Henson. (Smile)

But at 17 (attending a public Fine Arts school in my senior year) taking and performing dance…when the Power of Myth returned to PBS…an Aha! Call to adventure woke inside and I was hooked!

I looked for as many Campbell and Campbell related books as I could find!
There is something beautifully poignant in your work expressing the need for that return to tenderness and being open/vulnerable/kind. I love it!
I want to pull that quote back up from your myth blast (the one mis-attributed to Kurt Vonnegut.)
Will have to pull out from this…to copy paste…but I’m thankful for the Grail subject this month on this site.
To read all of these contributing authors and now to read your piece, Gabrielle…it gives hope…Hope something deeper and very much needed is waking once more inside each of us!
Thank you!