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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


Hey Everyone, if you haven’t seen the show, spoilers ahead.

I watched Lasso in almost one go and not sure how I missed it. Lasso and Resident Alien are two of the best stories I have watched in the last years, interesting that they are both comedies.

Gabrielle, thanks for the essay I needed that, people tell me I am too stiff these days, especially in the workplace.

Ofcourse the ultimate trial in all our lives and I dont think this has to do with gender is like Campbell said and like most stories focus “is the system is gonna deprive you of your humanity or are you gonna use the system for human purposes.” Then again we have to be honest about this. I am a firm believer that in this life everything is about balance, this view of masculinity that seems to be a new age trend, like embracing your feminine side which also means compassion and kindness, does not come without a cost, nice guys do finish last and men who embrace this side do seem to fail and break in a harsh and competitive environment which we call society. That is just a fact and it also one of the points the story is trying to make, kinda, you can feel the author struggling with this idea a bit. For that honesty, I give him a thumb up, and even though the author seems to imply that men (husband, father) are the root cause of the wasteland and leaves it open without reconciling it, at least he is honest that kindness and relationships wont get you the win. And therein lies the rub. Being the winner and alone or be the loser and with good relationships. Like Jung said the opposite of power is not powerlessness, its relationships.

Romanticism is obviously escapism but its very much needed sometimes. I guess the question is can you be like Lasso and not break down. Well Lasso did seem to have a couple of break downs but the show being predominately a comedy it has to have a happy ending. Personally I think we are a mixture of qualities.

Anyways, just saying.