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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”

Gabrielle Basha

    Well, not quite. What I’d like to get across here is that there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. The nature that Ted and Parcival both seem to share is that of openness, of asking questions. Why does Parcival fail when he fights his nature, yet Ted follows his nature and still fails? The Grail King is not one man, and the Wasteland is complex, even if the solution itself is simple. In writing this piece, I began thinking of Ted as an evolution of Parcival: perhaps he did learn why it was important to follow his gut instinct earlier, before we met him, which leads to him believing he can save Rebecca the same way. What Ted learns is that there isn’t one solution to healing others, and there’s a certain amount of responsibility they have to take on themselves. How could Parcival, from his perspective, have known a simple question would heal the Fisher King? You live, you learn, and hopefully you get the change to get up and try again.