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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


To Gabrielle: Yes Thank God for Mothers! Cannot help it I’m a little drawn to those “synchronous moments!” A breeze of fresh air letting those glimmers of transcendence and hints of mystery back into mind and heart.
I think I do understand what you were saying about Ted Lasso relying too much upon his nature (now that I’ve started watching the series!)

In some ways it’s not unlike Inspector Closeau well minus the physical bumbles…Ted’s natural state may come off “as too much” or “over the top.”
His constant talking might cross personal boundaries not everyone likes chatter or easy familiarity.
As for the wrong question I can see that…too…it’s a case where the answer is obvious (not profound, or mysterious)  the answer is KNOWN so asking the question is Rubbing salt in the wound. The question must remain silent to be kind. And Ted sort of bumbles along. But so far at least as far as I am in the show…his resilience (and learning as he goes) that’s inspiring. And yes the kindness for sure!
You say Rebecca heals herself so Lasso is not responsible.
Though I wonder after having read another myth blast on Reflection if there is another side to the Ted Lasso coin? You imagine Lasso as the “Parcival” in his own quest…we see from his eyes and journey as well as watching the others around him.
BUT what if in inverse the story is viewed with others at the center such as Rebecca’s story? Etc?
If so can Ted Lasso represent something (someone) symbolic to them? The image of the “Holy Fool,” comes to mind. Of course the fool is going to make mistakes and bumbles and ask the wrong questions but in Native/Indigenous societies as well as others…sometimes the trickster becomes the Teacher.

In quests there is often a figure who represents a call to adventure but perhaps Lasso in guise of “the Holy Fool,” or “teacher” is coming to “bring a Call to Awareness? Instead? Not as a “controlling guru,” because as “the holy fool,” he is not fully aware himself…yet remains determined.
So yes Lasso  is not responsible for Healing them BUT he brings the “horn” the “call” that “wakes…” which allows the other characters to re-tune with themselves. It’s a “challenge” but each character has to decide what to with “that challenge.” And so THEN the Healing is UP to them not Lasso. But they had to “wake” or “hear” that call first. It still feels he has influence in his interactions and through his compassion but he is not directly Healing them. More like he is removing Obstacles from the path which allows the other characters like Rebecca to finally begin Healing themselves.

Back to Closeau: I feel something very similar in this but more especially the new one with Steve Martin. (I enjoy Peter Sellers too) But the 1st Martin Pink Panther adds that extra touch of kindness even though his bumbles are risky for those around him…and he seems to get everything wrong. He is a duck out of water but by the end his determination proves through.