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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


I think I understand the frustrations expressed by others here as well.
It reminds me of your reference to the kindness of Gawain.
Thoreau came to mind but the belief in the possibility of “wilderness poets,” those “individuals,” seems to become lost in the weeds…

Not everyone has the time, space to lose themselves and regain themselves going “into the forest.”
It can be a struggle and a balance…there are the urban forests to consider…appointments, deadlines, expectations etc.

The power fight competition becomes a fight for survival (in life)  except for the top gamesters. And the stress is high.

I can feel a Campbell metaphor about Ladders… but going to let that one go.

Cause if I’m off the Mark just proves I might be blundering out of my territory too! Please forgive me if I am! I wish the best for everyone!

The “rule book” is a curious thing.
yes I can see that that would change

just as in life,  learning opens new horizons, different thoughts and new discoveries.
My question would be if that is the slightly more concrete yet metaphorical rule books of “life?”
Or the “Universal rule book which seems to eternally have the same deeply rooted themes?

Returning back to Compassion?
My sense is that logically it might be easier to prefer a Galahad for his “sensible purity.”

Yet Parcival and Gawain are eclipsed by the “worthiness” of Galahad and the shenanigans of Lancelot.
It becomes uncomfortable if Parcival asks a question based on the equivalent of “intuition.”
It works for him the 2nd time.
But “rationality,” intellectually would seem to be the better game plan. Or maybe less uncomfortable than P going against “team code.”
Yet over and over that seems to be the challenge of these myths.
And trusting “gut instinct,” that’s not easy or to be taken lightly.
I’m still impressed by Lasso’s resilience but need to see the rest of show.
That call of the myths, bards and mystics…to go within and “heal thyself” first that’s hard too.
….Even if the “stories” try to show a Universal “connection,” that transcends.

Did Thoreau or Black Elk feel that connection with every thing? (And everyone?) Even in individual moments?
We become restless without action, “positive doing,” so that’s difficult.
And I agree there can be a cognitive dissonance in recognizing and feeling the eternal mythic themes yet looking at them logically from present time.
We long for them but maybe have lost trust in the kindness possibility of a Gawain…that it no longer fits modern times.
Our times really seem to define all our journeys? And definition and words can have “power,” as “well as define what it is.”

Is the challenge to move, think through Fear(being aware of it/acknowledging it) rather than from fear?” (Where it might become paralyzing? Or overwhelming?) 


The latter seems like the block in conversations in the world “as is.”
Staying in the eye of the storm for peace and clarity is not easy for anyone!! Especially hearing all the howling winds.
But who knows how each “ Parcival” will approach the journey?

To go back to Compassion as an eternal trait? That is hard in all the sorrows and “psychos” of the world.
It’s definitely not a “psycho” trait…

But we still long for it to be a Human one.
What stands out with Parcival and Ted to me (even if Ted blunders about) is the spontaneity of “Compassion.”

I love that!

That’s sort of what I miss..

Where Compassion is a “happening” felt in the heart and coming straight from heart (bodhisattva?)
rather than an intellectual decision alone.

And I love Jamesn examples of heroes/characters:  starting with Atticus Finch and on…yes, yes,yes! 🙂

Ok enough!  I feel like Don Quixote chasing wil o the wisp tangents.

Hope everyone finds their path and right action…that resonates for them:-)

Not my business as not my journey!

So I’m off before blundering along any more.