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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


Yeah I think you get it. You do raise some interesting questions in your reply though.

It is true that indirectly I did say that Ted is naive, ofcourse Ted being the ideal not a real person I can afford to say that. I am under the impression that this guy will be a tragic figure till the end of the show, wait for it.

And I do cringe a bit when I hear the words non-judgmental and right-est in the same sentence. After all when we indulge in what is right and wrong we do become judgmental. And what is right and what is wrong to begin with and who will be the judge of that (sorry for the pun), well when we don’t think in terms of right or wrong, then certainly that feels non-judgmental. What I am trying to say is they seem antithetical to me.

But before I continue to what extend you are referring when you talk about “Toxic masculinity” in your initial reply in this conversation and I also wonder what do you think is the reason for this toxic masculinity?

The problem as I see it, is how each one of us perceives niceness. I have several examples in my life where people I thought to be mean and “toxic” actually were helping me, making me stronger, in the long run. Yet at the time I perceived them as mean, perhaps an understatement.

That being said I do agree with you and the qualities you try to promote being open, trusting and forgiving and never take anything personally, its a risk but worth it.