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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


Gabrielle its a risk because when you open up, when you trust people, people tend to abuse that and push you around. It is just a fact especially in the workplace that you have to show your teeth or you wont get any respect.

And you can see it in the Ted Lasso story too, a bitterness, a meanness at the centre of it for masculinity. (Men need women, women dont need men, etc etc)

Which brings me to Roy.

You seem to imply that its ok to be aggressive if you are gonna stand for ideals that seem to fit our morality? Because that is what Roy does, starts a fight to defend Nathan because he doesn’t like seeing him being bullied. If I was Nathan I would be insulted by this to be quite honest with people for not believing I could handle the situation.

I guess being aggressive has its uses after all.

I dont think its kindness, compassion that will change what you call toxic masculinity if it needs changing at all, I think it will take much more than. The problem with Lasso and Parsival is that they will never be Kings because they never have to make the hard decisions.

Anyways, have a lovely day all.