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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”


Hello Gabrielle,

Such an inspiring and thought provoking essay. So much has been written that I’ll be brief.

Watching NAOMI OSAKA play at the US OPEN tonight, was like watching your words in action. Naomi is One uniquely strong women’s single player, yet vulnerable, kind and humble, and as you wrote, the combination of strength and vulnerability makes for unimaginable strength.

This combination on the field has brought her unmatched popularity from fans in all age groups. Such awesome emotional outpouring from her fans only made her ten times stronger in her vulnerable mode.

Wonder if NAOMI’S coaches read your insightful words too?

Thanks for your marvelous essay.

PS: In athletics and elsewhere too, I think strength must precede vulnerability otherwise the athlete would be wiped out in no time.