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Reply To: The Power of Tenderness: Ted Lasso, Grail Hero,” with Gabrielle Basha”



Yes I am still thinking about Ted Lasso and how much I enjoyed it! Thanks to Gabrielle started watching it. Made me smile.
I did see both seasons but without giving anything away…Ted’s “dark night of the soul,” is tied in to more of his own personal back history. After that is revealed it makes sense and for me as a watcher, I felt even more compassion towards Ted. But that’s all I will say on that.

Unless that was partly revealed at the end of season one? Trying to remember?

There was only one episode in season two where I felt less connected. It is one where “Beardy” has his own adventure, which veers off on a dream and hallucination-like tangent from everything else. And it felt to me more like an “experimentation” than having anything to do with furthering the plot.
However that being said…there were reviews which compared it to Dante…so that does take it back into another type of mythic realm…underworld trip and all.
But I suppose it is up to each viewer to make-up their own minds on that.
I only included this spoiler because it felt like a non-sequiter to the plot.

It is like  Dante meets All That Jazz with the Bob Fosse “dream/illusion/hallucination sequence” where the Viewer is not sure what is real and what is dream.

But other than that, still loved season two. So many characters and beautiful nuances and some surprising turns.

I agree with you about Keeley. She really grew on me. I found myself smiling and crying through both seasons of Ted Lasso. Something about it just felt deeply good. We need more of that…and I do not mean just the veneer of positive thinking. This felt deeper.
I felt this way too after seeing, “Get Back.” The parts where there were strife or turmoil within the band seemed small to the overall picture. And it just proved the Beatles were human…real and human…and to be real and human is magic. In its own way. I smiled a lot watching that as well.
Guess I better sign off so I don’t accidentally leave any other spoilers for season two of Ted Lasso!
And thank you Gabrielle for the recommend!

Have found a lot of nice recommendations from the JCF myth blasts and forums!