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Reply To: To the The Female God of the Labyrinth,” with Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.”


First time I have responded here in Conversations, so I will try to be respectful of its norms, chief of which, I imagine, is an undefended heart.

Your Ariadne delivers really practical miracles. Can’t get more practical than a spool of thread which will show both the way in and the way out of the Cretan death trap. I understand your Ariadne as science personified as she guides the skilled hands of the surgeons toward your husband’s relentlessly hungry minotaur with an inerrancy bordering on the miraculous. Is it a problem with our society that we no longer turn to Ariadne with an open heart? I find that many people today are rejecting the Ariadnes. Entering into the labyrinth of a global virus (can you tell I’m tired of writing the word “pandemic?”), unburdened by experience, unburdened by the acquired knowledge of centuries, unburdened by Ariadne’s freely given gift.