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Reply To: Ego, Irony, and the Goddess,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


I wanted to jump back to this essay of yours Bradley:  “Ego, Irony and the Goddess.” Just read it last night.

You write: Irony is the indispensable attitude for engaging the goddess in her depths and darkness—darkness that places the radiance of transcendence in bold relief. Irony is life’s language; it grants one multiple points of view, it lets one see oneself seeing oneself, and mercifully, irony saves us from sarcasm, cynicism, and desuetude, the demoralized manifestations of broken hearts.

When you mention multiple points of view, to me that conveys almost a hawk or birds eye view…something out of the fray, which sees more clearly? And remains untethered and free of prevailing tangles?

I am curious Bradley: What do you think of Cognitive Dissonance? After reading your essay, I would take that Cognitive Dissonance is an imbalance in the ego…which is stubbornly unable to see itself and remains in an unhealthy state because of refusing to see its split image in the mirror,,

BUT Irony can recognize Cognitive Dissonance and is perhaps its antidote? (Because Irony can SEE from many point of views but is not required to invest Belief in them? That it’s granted that objective gift of seeing many views at once and it’s a much healthier place to be?)

What are your thoughts on this?