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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Thank you very  much for the thoughtful myth blast and this ritual suggestion.
it seems very clear to me that the discussion of death and renewal is extremely relevant to the current death and rebirth of the American Empire and world transitioning we are experiencing. With the release of the feminine in the 60’s from 5,000 years of male repression, we opened the path to rebirth. With the expected attendant consequences of defense and push back from the forces of fear and existing control.   Focusing on world society from this point of view creates the appropriate optimism for our future that will be so helpful for balancing our own fear of failure to reach this next level of human development through our following the goddess’ maze and guidance.
I just saw a Pete Seeger saying  in the Optimist Daily letter that the  way to better the world is through finding optimistic stories and retelling them.
much love and aloha. Roger Epstein