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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”



I love your quote above!

“Also, if we’re solely focused on the future, we forget our ancestors. And in our external busyness, it’s common to forget the threads from which we come from. I feel that we can only reclaim ourselves by also reclaiming and restoring the biographies of our ancestors. When we can lean back on them – the ground they paved for us and their strengths – we can move forward in life”

Have often thought with all the emphasis of being in the Present, which is important…there is still something to be said for all our “stories.”
Our stories as much as our existence radiate so much of who we are!
A reason too, I think so many are drawn to Campbell!! And mythology!

And love your ritual to your ancestors can relate to that celebration of honor to loved ones and those who came before! Beautiful!

Since I’m an unfortunate rambler just wanted to ask a couple of questions…

One in regards to the Goddess or Goddesses.
Because of (?semantics?) and perhaps “commercialization” of “the feminine image,” that for some the term has a shallow interpretation “goddess as pedestal object.” And it’s more of a male image of putting a woman on a pedestal where she has to live up to all these expectations. And the word Woman is sometimes  preferred to Goddess. This was in relation to a conversation I had about Mary in the Christian tradition with a Catholic friend. There is a strong women’s movement in part of the church now.
But it’s the idea that Mary as Woman saying “Yes,” is powerful.
But regardless of all the symbolism which reflects Goddesses before her…

To even see her in any metaphor including the word Goddess “objectifies her,” a patriarchal thing to do apparently. So that Mary as a Woman is making a powerful affirmative which echoes around the world. And an affirmative for all women.

Just curious if you had ever run into that kind of different perception??