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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”


I also would like to add a disclaimer to my statement query above:
I know that all those here (smile), know of those deeper threads and labyrinths of Godess/es…all those various phases of light and shadow…thanks not only to the Joe Campbell’s in the world but also to the researchers like you Kristina,  who carry on in their own unique ways about these same symbols and energies, which live in our psyches!
What a perfect time for this as unless I’m mistaken the Vernal Equinox was once considered both the New Year of the “Celts,” or “Gaels,” as well as the New Year of the Cherokee.
A time of gestation going into the darkness before returning to the light.
I do understand the deeper perception of “Goddess” and all She symbolically represents. Does not bother me at all!!  It’s just been an interesting navigation coming across different perceptions and all one can really do is be kind!
For after all the Root of the discussion is still there whether one says Woman or Goddess…since after all the topic is about the Divine Feminine!
The only thing I can imagine is that in my discussion it is the “humanness” which was perceived to make Mary’s Act as Woman (human Woman) to be so miraculous.
A lot of interesting navigation in the world!!  But if someone else knows more about that tradition because they have grown in it and spent a lifetime studying it…and being a part of it.
Then I just listen.

Briefly on to my other question speaking of the need for rituals.

Sometimes I wonder if some rituals are born more out of the head and intellect than the heart?
Or maybe it’s a balance of both?

Your ritual for your ancestors and your suggestion of ritual feels very heart based.

What brought the question up was memory of a dear friend “Clarice Bowman.” I’ve mentioned her elsewhere on other boards (so forgive me Stephen for my overlapping repetitions *wry grin*)

Clarice was the first woman Methodist Minister in NC. She was tall had a commanding presence but also a deep care and kindness. As a real little child she was so kind to me. Had to be in her seventies when my family knew her almost eighty. Beautiful woman.

Clarice had written books and pamphlets and also was well versed in Joe Campbell!
One paraphrase she said: “rituals are fine but do not become so worried with rituals that you cage yourself from God’s surprise.”


Or for this one could say Goddess’s surprise.

So wondered if you had any thoughts on that?

Personally I feel your rituals would do more “uncaging!”

Or you are talking of rituals which give peace and quiet and focus to the mind…

Thus freeing it from that chatter…so there is a chance to find quiet and reconnection!!

To be fair, Clarice could find ritual in the the simplest of moments:

“communion” by going to a favorite place to eat and sharing that with friends…

Or finding a place to park where there was a view of a NC lake and enjoying sharing that spot in company of dear friends.

That could be ritual for her!

Loved that!

Well enough,

In case any others wish to post here.

Thank you again for the essay and your thoughts on rituals at this turning of the seasons!!