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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Hello again sunbug.

With the autumn equinox we distinctly see how ritualistic shedding is necessary. Trees shed their leaves, which become mulch for the soil. When leafless, the trees draw their energy from the roots so that they can burst through with greater life force for the next cycle. Engaging with these cycles is our opportunity to love the earth and the forms the Goddess gives us.

In the shedding, the trees in their starkness reveal their knots and the patterns in their bark in greater detail. They shine clearer after being hidden in the leaves. To evolve, it’s essential that we make peace with the fact that things must depart our lives. So to your point about ‘uncaging,’ I’m reminded how we must remove the non-essential so that the essential may speak in our lives.

This equinox is the call to shed what no longer resonates with us for the season, which we now find ourselves in (metaphorically as well as literally). We don’t lose anything in evolution. Nor will we ever. We revitalise ourselves by letting go of what we’ve outgrown.

Meet you at the threshold, Kristina.