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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Thank you Kristina for both responses to my queries! I think with the first, the issue was about emphasizing the Human? Instead of the divine? I suppose the challenge for me was/is  the sense of the divine informing everything including the “human.”

Even though I sometimes become lost in details…was more ready to “shed the details,” like leaves to sense the heart of the matter…but if the details are what are important to someone else for the heart of the matter…it is what it is.

And I love your description of the shedding of the leaves during the autumnal equinox. Fall has always been my favorite time of year since a young child. The changing colors, the crisp wind and apples…the azure sky.
Fall always felt like any adventure could happen…I guess looking back it did feel like a time of birth or rebirth. A time for New things.
Even though Spring usually takes that title…

Fall held the potential of the unexpected and beautiful…a time to light the wood stove and make cheerful orange flames.
As you said the trees stand out in stark patterns when they lose their leaves. I’ve become mesmerized in the overlay of their dark and wooded webbing against an overcast sky and winter sun.
Or framing a sunset that would have been hidden by the leaves.

It’s funny you mentioned the trees shining after shedding their leaves…for I have seen not only snow but the years that brought ice storms…long before Elsa or Let it Go were a spark in the minds of young children.
The ice beautiful and deadly perhaps brought by the wintry queen herself herself.
Stark tree limbs encased in glass catching moon bows on a frosty clear night and shooting arrows of white radiance across a clearing.
The beauty only broken by the sharp crack of a heavy limb falling deep into the night.
Then the rise of the sun casting rainbows between every melting limb.
How could one not feel new beginnings? Even if the winter queen put one in their place after slipping and sitting oof! On an innocent looking patch of melting ice!
But yes Fall…a time of the hawks flying too. And meteors streaking bright in a cold dark night.

“See you at the threshold too!”