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Reply To: Engaging The Renewing Feminine Within, with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Stephen, I do not mind your in depth addition at all!
I’ve thought a lot about that “suspension of disbelief” and being engaged in the acts of play which lead/become ritual/experience in relation to several of the recent myth blast authors over the months!

you write:Ritual takes many forms – but the point of ritual, at least according to Campbell, Eliade, and others, seems to be to open a portal and propel us past surface realities, into an experience of a deeper reality underlying the world we perceive with our senses. Ritual allows us an experience transcendent to, yet in harmony with, that of the physical senses. A living ritual has a numinous, dream-like, surreal component – that sense of participation mystique, as Campbell labels it, using a term borrowed from Levy-Bruhl. Ego breaks down, and one’s sense of self both dissolves, and expands beyond, individual identity.

That makes sense to me (both from reading Campbell and seeing this reminder!)

And there are different levels of ritual

Ex: for some looking for a sign or symbol maybe from a St.

Flowers is what they seek (specific related flowers)

But for others Prayers on behalf of those they care about is what they seek And they want deeper in…not so much flowers.

But Where I struggle is where both the “play” and the “deeper experience,” become overwhelmed with “details,” or argument of details…which seem much more in the realm of intellect but are perceived as highly necessary nuances in order to hear the story the Proper spiritual way. Meaning it can only be one way or only be understood deeply with the Right details.
It’s more of those challenges in communication and perspective.

It’s sort of fascinating and I choose respect and kindness…

But it’s hearing the perspective of this women’s movement within Catholicism. I’m sure Campbell would have been fascinated too!
If I mentioned matriarchal cultures it was immediately understood…

Yes: God as Mother.

Yet Mary:Mother of God cannot be a goddess nor have divinity because? It belittles her human act as a human woman? Saying a Yes…to carrying the son of god.

And I cannot claim to understand all the nuances myself of ones faith/theology.
It just felt confusing but perhaps because the divine feminine lost that raw perception and energy in more patriarchal cultures would be my guess so Mother can be an aspect of God and occasionally God can be she.
But Mary must remain human for her act to be powerful. I guess can see how that “plays” out. Yet she’s also honored among Women. So it’s emphasis on the humanistic part of the divine story even though the divine is playing through that. And maybe Mary is to humble to go round with titles….

When Campbell references “one’s sense of self dissolving and expanding beyond individual identity” that’s a place sometimes I want to challenge some Campbell perspectives…on a different board/subject…but rounding up into some contradictions…such as a sense of self dissolving does not necessarily keep an outside Guru or Gurus from projecting his/their sense of self on your  journey. Unless you are lucky and  it’s a teacher who cares and guides without needing control and encourages you to find your own way/path.
And the other conundrum: looking for the distinction between group/societal ideologies AND universal consciousness which seems to work on its own internal clock. And ? Being careful to not to mistake one for the other.
But my apologies to you and Kristina for this wander off subject.
Perhaps the wind and play of Fall will bring thoughts to a clearer threshold!!