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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


Such a fascinating essay dear Norland,

There is much to read and absorb,  plus the thread is enhanced by Stephen and Sunbug with their own perspectives and their own little gems.

I’ll begin with this line, “. . the fact that they are both real and unreal, here and not-here, manifestly self-evident and suddenly gone.” This  fits well with my personal UFO story.

My Story

One day, almost 40 years ago, while driving back from work, I spotted a circular light up in the sky. It was dark, and not much traffic on the highway either. The circular light followed my car, even after the the exit from the highway, and down a few country roads, and right down into my driveway. It became larger, larger than any light I had ever ever seen, a light from nowhere, that is, not plugged into a transmission line, a light pole, an electric outlet, none, just hanging onto the driveway. Not knowing a thing about it, was quite scary, and I openly pleaded with the light to go away, which it did!!

Next day, I spoke with a neighbor about the light that followed me, and the neighbor appeared unconvinced, as if to say, you might be hallucinating, a bit tired I suppose. I left it at that. But that one incident became a very memorable event and still plays back, as if it was just yesterday.

Forty years forward, with geo-stationary-satellites up in the sky, monitoring our cell telephones, guiding the GPS systems, working as eyes and ears of this earth, as they look no different than the celestial stars up in the sky, I have a different view of that light. On that later.

Years later, after having read various stories and reports released by the Pentagon,  I think UFOs are scientific objects produced by scientists who are researching at a level with a field that not many know about, or use yet, or have seen, and its a privilege when the Shamans of space technology, point that light upon you. They chose to say, “hello, there”.  What for? For what reason? That is indeed a mystery, and maybe they want it to be that way.

As you so beautifully express, “In its very elusive aspect, UFOs represent the alternating logic of being and nothingness which structures the process of becoming, the processes of change and metamorphosis. As a modern symbol of transcendence, UFOs stand for the process of total transformation and self-creation in the noumenality of space-time.

Thank You Norland