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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”



What an experience you had! Close-up!

Exciting, eerie and perhaps a little frightening. But you were left with wonder.
The feeling I gather from your description is the light had a non-solid quality, which definitely would give it that numinous aspect that Norland is suggesting. Maybe your experience was more like a feeling/vision of energy…glowing in light. Wow!
Did you feel any heat? Or hairs rising on neck? Fascinating!!

Sometimes my imagination has toyed with the flickering thought that some of those “tech shamans,” you describe, may be graphic artists and mathematicians and every once in a while they have the inclination to make those more complex doodles in some crop to while the time. Just an amusing fancy.
I think the reason that sometimes humans gravitate towards the more “solid” side of “imagination/conjecture,” might be related to boundaries. Whenever there is a boundary set no matter how valid/credible, it seems like there is some kind of psyche urge to cross it…and to see if there is anything beyond. (Alas part of the human mythic nature?)

If the boundary represents what cannot be…maybe it feels like a call “to put away childish things.” But that wonder is still searching or waiting for an experience for something. And sometimes a conjecture work like Daniken’s or others grabs attention and becomes a something. Perhaps in “defiance” of that Other Boundary Set.
YET what you suggest Norland is an in-between, where both the insubstantiality of a phenomena, which also has a physical effect beckons the Wonder back to more open spaces.
After all, when you mention seeing these type of phenomena, there is no foregone conclusion the phenomena must be Extraterrestrial even if that idea fancies with our imagination.
I sense that you are approaching the phenomena without a direct definition, which would be the mythic and transcendent way: to experience them and appreciate them “as is.”
And this open approach does not judge those who have experienced these happenings, or seeings, nor does it discount these experiences, because it is looking at experience and definition in a more mythic manner.
Speaking of this phenomenology, it occurs that the beings of Every “Dream Time,” from Down Under to the British Isles were always “Beings of In-between.”

When the more direct physical  “alien” approach was applied from Roswell onward…then the story was re-invented…interpreted…maybe they were aliens instead.

You have come at the story from a right angle…looking from a different perspective that is not fully expected.
The appearance and disappearance of the UFOs does indeed resemble the rise of a “sun,” and descent or setting with these phenomena. The lights for certain! (Which from Shaahayda’s story feels like less of a “ship aspect,” and more of a phenomenal aspect.
But even with the more solid viewings

They come in various shapes…and shapes are very interconnected with myths and the psyche but I’m talking to the head choirs on this!

And those images/phenomena  have evolved up from the saucer…to coming to place or shape of transparent light…going from solid to transcendent? Coming and going in the field of space time or eternally outside of it? Resting in the underworld before rising to reclaim our imagination on another night, leaving an image imprinted in our minds like Walter De la Mare’s “silence surging softly backwards when the plunging hooves were gone.” (“The Traveler.”)

De la Mare also leaves his poem in the in-between. There is no definition or form for “They,” in the house. Only the form of shadows…which are both a wavering imagination of “something,”but also remain insubstantial. Waiting for the next Traveler to discover, while they rest in their underworld of uncertainty.
And perhaps it’s the same with the UFOs…waiting to be discovered, manifesting before us, tugging at our wonder and uncertainty…drawing us back once more to the Mythic Mind.