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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


Excellent to see more participants in this discussion including other Myth Blast writers!

Dennis Slattery, when you mention “hope,” and “fervor,” I have wondered if  there are two different camps of “UFO,” “experiencers” or “wonderers?”

You write: Hope and fervor are the two watchwords that I wanted to highlight here. Now, how much or little this story is a convincing or possible analogy to the UFO sightings and the belief in them is open to comment. But I find that fervor and a conviction of a belief based on nothing more than DESIRE is where swaths of our current cultural psyche have taken hold and gripped hard.

I perceive there is this One Camp of “ufology,” Deep-in… “Roswell” (just using that as an umbrella heading)

This “Roswell Club”  has very strong fervor, belief and very concrete perceptions. And other ufo clubs fall under that ALSO with very strong belief, fervor and perception!!

Then there is this Other non-formatted experience shared by regular people? (teachers, astronomers, cab drivers to military pilots?) And these people don’t necessarily belong to the “Roswell Club of belief.”

Some of these people might wonder when they have an experience of a “phenomena,” but it also might be an experience without a definite definition. And yes it might be easy to think of ETs/UFOs subconsciously since that has such a strong presence in the modern mythic consciousness as you point out. That our thoughts automatically go there as Shaahayda pointed out with her experience at first.
But not everyone after such experiences signs up for Roswell membership. What my Mother saw and I saw Made us go “hmm, isn’t THAT interesting?”
So I think Norland is right about dealing from a place of experience that is not clouded by belief or the fights over “what is,” and “what is not,”     THEN at least there is opening to conversation on the subject.
And you are definitely right Dennis about the “Roswell Club…and others,” they are deep-in and have already decided what is being seen or experienced. (Grin)

I did want to ask one question in regards to “The Mythology of Belief?”
Could “Trust,” be another side of that?
Or occasionally blended into that?