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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


Robert Juliano,

I had a thought in reference to your references of Dr. Veronica Goodchild, Carl Jung and The Red Book.

You write: In Psychoid, Psychophysical, P-subtle! Alchemy and a New Worldview by Dr Veronica Goodchild, she describes a psychic realm that lies in between psyche and matter accessible by the imagination, the vehicle used by Jung in his experiments with the unconscious resulting in Red Book and which was used by the alchemists in their opus.

I have noticed that even some of the “ufology clubs,” are also leaning more towards the subtle and in-between in regards to descriptions of “encounters.”
What Jung references as the “realm of subtle bodies,” has gained a new evolution in the mythology of ufology.
The term “thrown around,” is “inter-dimensionals.” Well of course I’m sure it probably stirred up debates even within “ufology clubs.” But this “take,” is more open to seeing the phenomena whether UFO or ET as an “in between realm.”
The only place where this perception becomes more concrete probably is the perception of “Visitors,” or “Visitation.”
So even though something could be perceived as in-between and even transparent…there is still a definition of What the experience Is.

And I wonder if you had heard of “Noetic Science?” It seems to go right along with what you write about “individuation,” creating the “subtle body,” according to Jung.

You write: It’s important to note that Jung himself saw the process of individuation as creating the subtle body, one made of matter and spirit and which overcomes the split between body and psyche. Dr. Goodchild writes “individuation is the creation of this subtle body … here in this life.” This subtle body was “thought to survive physical death, and it would be the body—a kind of psychic body that nevertheless had ‘substance’ and contained your essence, or quintessence … that you would take with you when you sloughed off your earthly form.”

Noetic Science has claimed to measure a weight difference after someone dies, which is unrelated to the the natural occurrences which accompany a person passing. And this difference is related to the “weight of the soul,” or what Jung would call the “subtle body.”
But I suppose measuring insubstantial things would still be considered “concretization,” by Joe Campbell? Heh heh.

Thanks for bringing another angle to this subject!! Robert!