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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


Ok will try to wrap this up.
So those 50 years since 1969 have passed and the human/story/myth/journey of space travel has kind of been on a 50 year hiatus. But thank God not the wonderful Observational part of Astronomy that my Mother loved so much!!
Could this possibly lead to a kind of partial Mythic drought? Even though there is hope and talk of humans returning to space journeys while measuring the risk, possibilities and funding  needed…could that other drought have given the UFO/ET myth/phenomena a greater hold on our imagination?
If WE are not at the CENTER of SPACE JOURNEY then does something inside of US “live” vicariously through the Mythology of the UFO?
Or even Hope for it? If one has a more concrete perception?
Does the “In Between,” become vital for not only our imagination but our Spirit as well?
Is it possible that if Humans again become the Center of the Space Journey that there will be a balanced return to the Experience and Transcendence?

If the Artemis mission is a go…it might draw us back to the human universal journey.

And I saw images on a Time magazine which suggest the future is back on the horizon. Drawings of a “triangular plane,” so yes one of those “mythological ufo shapes?”

drawings of flying cars were also depicted  or some equivalent or some type of drone vehicles.

The whole cover was tinted in Gold, which gave it almost an Egyptian kind of symbology…or perhaps a reference to a technological renaissance. I just glanced at it, but perhaps inside it referenced space as well. Certainly caught my eye!

In the past it was the Journey and finding the technology to make it work

And now everything is the technology first (with all its own mixed perceptions)

Then maybe the possibility of a journey.
The Horizon seems to be returning one way or another!

Though I hope as always that we keep our heart aligned with our own home planet and do not take her for granted (ever) when the Horizon calls us once more!

At risk of contradicting myself have to say this: for me even if we do not have an immediate human mission the beauties of Observational Astronomy that my Mother shared with me and others will Never Be Forgotten! I can feel the vastness, the mystery, the stories which have brought us this far…the inspiration, imagination and in-between. The transcendent is already there for me! It just Is…look at a clear night sky…or a luminous close up of a messier object and “something” numinous unfolds!