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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”



You wrote, “ Whether these sightings are of physical objects, mental projections, or a combination thereof, the ambiguity and uncertainty speak to the mystery, which strikes me as an essential quality of the experience. This has been happening for at least three-quarters of a century, yet, despite the plethora of sightings, it’s not anything we are able to nail down. There seems to be something there, but nothing we can know for sure, including whether or not the something is a something.

Exactly, mystery is the essential quality of this experience, and the second one, is “why me?”  That was the trajectory of my thoughts on the first day of the event.  What played often in my head was, “There were so many others on the highway, why did the light just follow me, and for so long, why not others?”

Also, the  light-creators, wish this to remain a mystery, perchance a message between the sender and the recipient? The sender or the light-bearers do have much expertise on their side, while the recipient is observing, interpreting, real or unreal, a message from the gods or something else?