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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


    Thank you Sunbug,

    You really have inspired me with your enthusiasm for my next mythblast to look into the direction of space exploration, which is the other side of the alien equation. We have been thinking of the alien visitor as an “invader,” the “illegal” cosmic immigrant, which comes into our world in order to “change everything.” But of course, the inverse mythic fantasy is in the opposite direction, where the human being itself becomes an “alien” invader or “explorer” of another world.

    And as part of this drive to explore space even now is the hope or belief that we might find signs of life, even if it’s non-intelligent. Hence the alien encounter is relegated to the encounter with an alien world. And it is obvious to see how a certain imperialistic agenda attaches to such a mythic possibility.

    As the first Avatar movie has developed, we get caught in working through the myth of imperialistic expansion. In the upcoming sequel, the story will dive deeper into the subaquatic eco-system of Pandora. This one will perhaps carry the notion of “space exploration” to include the depths of the sea, the alien inner world that is not out there but deep within…