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Reply To: UFO: A Living Myth of Transformation,” with mythologist Norland Têllez”


Avatar, yes! I have been waiting for the 2nd one to come to fruition. Hopefully not too long.

Imperial…um hmm.  My Mother was concerned about that “double edged sword of Space Exploration” too. She preferred emphasis on discovery and was worried about the rumors of the “sharper blade.”

Norland, you and Stephen hit a home run both with this subject and your conversation interchange in reflection upon it!!
I am reminded of one other potivistic myth, which possibly connects into that UFO  evolution Yet strays away from ET/Alien invasion: The rise and fall of civilizations on a mythic scale.  It seems to be in sync with the Vedic texts or other cyclical myths around the world or borrow from them.
Sometimes the ages are represented by metals (Iron/Silver/Bronze and Gold) but it feels much larger (than our metal ages.)
If the imaginative approach is preferred: then the “in-between” phenomena fits perfectly! And looking to What If and beyond…perhaps these “numinous,” appearances/experiences then were symbolic of some sort of renaissance or change about to occur?
(even a small change that made ripples.)
One could  wonder IF the propensity of these “in-between” happenings now are also a “calling,” of the psyche from the “in between?” I guess that’s up to each experiencer.

Thank you so much for this fascinating topic, Norland!!

Will look forward to your next Myth Blast!