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Reply To: The Metamorphic Journey,” with Craig Deininger, Ph.D.”



    All of our lives are a metamorphosis , a journey of the  spirit rising through the mythic chakras in the chrysalis of flesh. An ascension journey from the jungle of our lower beastial nature of ignorance and error allegorized as  base chakra up the spine to the pinnacle of intellect rational thought logic reason intellect . Taking flight from the imprisoning flesh as Papillon  !!! It is A broken , Long And Winding Road … a journey of anguish sorrow trauma awe beauty Love trembling release … may all be enlightening on their Odyssey …

    May all get their wings at their appointed time !!!

    And plant those flowers great for Butterfly gardens metaphors and puns !!!

    Bloom said Leopold … Yes said Molly … Spill some fermented seed said Finnegan !!! It’s all about the metamorphosis of distilled vegetation !!! Spirits , I tell ya !  Spirits from the vine !!! Saluté !!!

    Nature the source of the best allegory and parable …