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Reply To: Myth: The Grammar of Creativity,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


Bradley, your essay is beautiful!

“Myth: The Grammar of Creativity,” I love that! This essay is still sinking into the bones!

Poetry called me to adventure as a young child…and those words that had a magic to convey both joy and sorrows in these other lands of mind were an absolute delight to me!  Then when I found words to create my own poems…I could lose myself in the moment of it!

Thanks to a re-airingof The Power of Myth on PBS in the late 90s, at 17, I was finally old enough to appreciate Joseph Campbell and found myself completely compelled! Searching for as many Joe Campbell books as I could find!
Mythopoetic? Yes! Love that term!
And I love your reference to delight where there is no pain, no thought…just experience.

And the experience of delight can lead to transcendence. It reminds me of a line in a George Harrison song “about do without doing…”  (knowing the ways of heaven without going out the door—-that kind of metaphor… “The inner light.”)

Or perhaps it’s when one stops looking for what is lost then they will see it? Well sometimes…laugh.

That place of “delight,” seems to be a very healing place.
I wish could remember the poet Campbell referenced who was talking about the whole world joining a dance…think it was in the collection Reflections for Living…thought it was Ginsberg but think it was another poet.
But my take was that where joy or delight was found…that it would spread. Not of conscious intent but because of spontaneity.
I’ve found while being in joy…doing things in the moment not for a cause only for the joy of it, with no expectations, that marvelous and unexpected adventures have happened.
Dance has especially been that way for me…I trained and have performed professionally and coached and choreographed for others…but love free form too. And I love being lost in the delight and joy of moving in rhythm and form to the music. Or seeing the joy you feel reflected in others eyes. Or delighting in watching others do what they love! Or just experiencing joy in any moment!
I love seeing something beautiful  in nature that stills me and feeling it’s beauty radiating into the heart.
Every moment can hold unexpected delight! Including helping or giving to those whom you care about!

Delight and poetry! What a hopeful place to be Bradley! We need more of that desperately! Thank you!