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Reply To: Myth: The Grammar of Creativity,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


I think it takes patience to allow the Grammar of Creativity  to impress itself upon and into ones psyche…to be able to bypass the Fear of being Objective.
Or fear of experiencing Objectivity.
The subjective: categorizes…the objective sees many views at once. It’s not an easy balance…but it is freeing and kinder.
Jung’s comment (referenced both by James and Bradley) about “religion being a defense against religious experience,” brings another thought to mind.
In life, there are always these systems or a “system,” which we need as much as saying “yea!” to life, because it’s just another part of the story.
Yet sometimes I wonder if “the system,” or “systemic,” which have their part to play, Also are a defense against the mythic life or transcendent experience?
The transcendent rests in that place of mystery, as Campbell so eloquently said in the clip James provided.
The systemic exists to answer most questions and to keep the cogs turning. People can still make, experience journeys in the systemic forest, but it seems at times,  the systemic also exists to scorn Mystery and the transcendent. Though Stephen and Bradley may have a different take since I have not dived as deeply into Jung as the others here on the board!
My thought was that if the systemic (even though we also need it) spurns the transcendent and mythic experience, that THAT would cause a schism in the human psyche that would “manifest,” in all kind of strange happenings. Those manifestations could be a result of trying to balance a loyalty to the system and a deeper yearning inside, which desperately calls for an individuation experience, not always recognized by the system.
It might be a Calling and A place where objectivity, Irony bring a better, calmer perspective and allow the Grammar of Creativity to knock at the door…by opening the heart to listen and letting the head quiet down. So needed!
But there may be a better take on this from those more knowledgeable in the field!
I think that quote of Campbell’s about not being swallowed by the system probably would fit into this. Or learning to move through it without becoming rigid oneself.
Well back to those creative lit thoughts that lean into a little more light and hope! (Thanks to All!)