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Reply To: Myth: The Grammar of Creativity,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


    Sunbug; first of all your extremely kind and generous compliment about “a candle in a dark room” I actually borrowed; (we steal from the best; no?); from a very powerful movie called: “The Freedom Writer’s Diaries” based on a true life story of Erwin Gruwell; a high school English teacher who helped young teenage students learn to find their own story; and by writing about their lives in this way they learn to become in a sense their own analysts and find their common humanity when the dark world around them in which they were enveloped offered no hope of personal fulfillment or identity.

    She started this process by assigning “The Diary of Anne Frank” as a metaphor against hopelessness; and the transformation that followed took them to realms beyond which they never could possibly have imagined from the lives they were presently living. At one point they went to the Holocaust Museum and then invited Miep Gies; the woman who hid Ann Frank from the Nazi’s to come and speak to them. The included scene clip above is a recreation taken from the movie where she repeats these lines and reveals to us all how we are “candles in the dark” and by helping others we also can learn to help ourselves as well.

    Second; I think your post is spot on! It articulates so clearly; at least to me; so much of what this conversation concerning the “Language or Grammar of Creativity” is addressing; but Bradley and Stephen may have more to add so I will leave off and let them speak about this themselves. (Truly a beautiful response.) Again; thank you for your kindness.