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Reply To: Myth: The Grammar of Creativity,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


Thank you James for your kind words to me as well! And the link! A lot of treasures shared on these boards!

And thank you Bradley for your response to my question. Your reply reveals the core…a poignant observation. But the health and well being is hidden within the gift of observation. A bird can choose to alight upon any part of the “human” grid…or fly through…it’s being aware of the choices one makes at any point in  her/his life.

It is “Being conscious” as you said.

When you mention a pacification encouraged by (these systems) to see and live life on a surface level…

That rings true at least for me. Sometimes the answer or maybe resolution or question “lives deeper?” and if these type of systems only encourage a surface level or even claim the “surface” (system) for the deep…

Then how can that inner healing occur?
The language of myth challenges all of us to see, hear, think and feel deeper…and allow for mystery and poetry…irony…objectivity. (The latter two are hard when there is pain and fear)

The irony to me is that the mythic way and grammar of Creativity leads the way back into a humanistic and compassionate approach to life and each other. And recognizing as Parceval did that compassion is Deeper than the systemic definition of it…deeper than etiquette alone. That it can be spontaneous, a creativity born out of the heart? Like the Policeman who saved the man on the bridge? It’s mind blowing how One on One moments can open to the Transcendent allowing a glimpse of the human connection we all share…if we allow ourselves that creative objective view!

We all do the best we can within those systems we traverse every day.
I just hope the language of myth remains to keep the balance and to remind us sometimes it takes something deeper and more subtle than “a think tank,” to behold the travails, grails and stories of all our lives and crossing paths on spaceship earth.

Thank you for your tremendous essay and your lovely responses to me!
It is a very hopeful place to be!

And thank you Stephen for providing these spaces of CoHo and being welcoming to so many. It’s really a pleasure and a treasure to be able to read these excellent essays and to be able to participate in conversations with these knowledgeable, authors, philosophers, professors  and other participants  on the board.
This is close as I’ll ever come to auditing a philosophy class! It’s a joy!
Thank you everyone!!