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Reply To: Symbol(on)s of Love,” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Was going to post video but became stuck trying to pull up find the submit button for url field. But the subject is self evident (laugh)

Wonder if this could be an example of bringing “Eros,” back to a broader perspective? To pull away from those misunderstandings that surround the word? Poor Eros!

“Wanderlust,” Paul McCartney

Yes Wander and Wonder I know the alliteration…

But to me it’s interesting how adding Wander(Wonder) to the word “Lust,”

almost transforms the word.

The word by itself,  might conjure the song of Camelot, in May  (nothing wrong with that grin)

But When the word is attached to Wander or Wonder to me it broadens the vision. One almost forgets that the word Lust is there. And it  releases,  the typical more narrow perception of Eros we conjure in our minds.

But Passion, longing, dreams, exploration, desire of the heart…All there!









And somehow this is perfect as is…