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Reply To: How Many Steps in the Hero’s Journey?


    Joyce, I have to get a copy of it, but somehow it feels just to distant (to loose from mine…) to read it in its original language, where a translation might go astray (…lost from its realm). Maybe first start with JC’s Key. Though, as an electronic engineer, priviledged to have been educated in relativity an quantum mechanics on a base level (uncompassible extrapolations), for me there is a distinct, academic framed, demythologised difference between space and matter, and time as counter. The observations and rational explanations are in contrast with for many the common and for me some personal experiences where the senses just fail. As if the dead are alive again. As said, with our physical bodies we can travel through space, but not through time.  Time is reciprocal and only transparent without mass, without space. Without physical impairings, there are no limits. It is my personal challange to cast that in a story. First: the Key.